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CHAPTER 3 -- ACCIDENTAL BONDAGE Rachelle turns the bathroom light off and plops on the toilet. The dark bulb slides down, his uncircumcised ding dong slithers to the hilt inside Rachelle's stretched vagina.She would dearly love to expel the remainder of the enema fluid but the inner nozzle ball still plugs her rear end. The object with its hard inflated ball is like a grapefruit inside her, there is no moving it. Call someone." Jakko is 80 feet away in the men's bathroom, trying vainly to clean himself up. She squeals like a piglet and humps herself wildly against him. The feeling in Rachelle's penetrated ass pushes her to wilder gyrations, she is twerk-fucking him in unconscious animal lust.

So, in honor of that odd pocket of time in the night, here's a compilation of all the texts and actions you shouldn't do between 11 pm and 7 am.(This text is acceptable if texting your best friend minus the seductive part.)“It's crazy I'm awake right now, and you live in China. ”You Snapchat “I can't sleep” to someone — AKA, “thinking of you.” You then add something about insomnia to your Snapchat story so you can argue, “I wasn't directing that only at you, but you are the only one I sent it directly to. unless you want it to mean something.”This is a pretty straightforward message.However, it's also cowardice if you can't send it between 12 and 8 pm.Her rear end is coated with the same slippery gel, plus white enema solution that flooded out before the broken nozzle plugged her again. Startled, the sweet little lady stops herself with both hands. She will be marked by him for life, will waddle around with his overgrown child wagging in the middle of her belly.At the exact moment when it becomes too late, the lush naked blonde girl becomes aware that the toilet seat is sliding up around her ladylike buttocks. The toilet seat has a fierce grip on her feminine hips. The seat of her womanly tushie is plunged into the cold water in the bowl of the white hospital toilet. So she feels no guilt when she presents herself as a thing, a willing flesh-puppet who should be passed around and enjoyed. Secretly, she loves it and wants him to hurt her again. Dimly through his sexual rut he knows that he's already lost his job.

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