Transgener dating

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: "It generates energy stable, free, does not contaminate the [environment], does not need maintenance, lasts [a long] time, the power source is not degraded and works as much in mainland, the air, under the air or in the deep space".(website) in Spanish) Translation of web pages by Google and Alta Vista Home Page of ICYTI -- Independent Scientific Investigations and Technologies Photos of Prototypes Media coverage of the technology from 2004 - 2006 Intentions - Objective is to improve the quality of human life by collaborating with local scientists, and to dissemanating the knowledge to any nation, municipal organization, university, scientific organization, or non governmental organization. This week we discuss personality tests, Eurovision, dating simulators, submarines for mermaids and trans drive thru/phone experiences. How being trans can make you into a generally more compassionate person. Wow I can't believe you dropped it behind the closet and never checked.“I’m putting it together in my head, I’m like: ‘He’s gonna be one of my groomsmen, he’s gonna be one of my groomsmen,’” he points to his two friends and grins.The other men light up when they hear the news and start talking about rings, how much they cost, will it be princess cut or pear shaped? “That was one of my dreams, to get married, to be somebody’s husband, to be somebody’s father,” says one of the friends, Redd Barrett.Walter Torbay's Argentine Patent Patent Translation into English Walter Torbay's Argentine patent application has been published (in Argentine, but it's not available online at espacenet as yet): GENERADOR DE MOVIMIENTO CONTINUO MEDIANTE IMANES PERMANENTES Publication number: AR047839 Publication date: 2006-03-01 Inventor: TORBAY WALTER DARIO (AR) Applicant: TORBAY WALTER DARIO (AR) Classification: - international: (IPC1-7): H02K57/00 Application number: AR2004P103029 20040824 Priority number(s): AR2004P103029 20040824 Abstract not available for AR047839 The system uses Neodymium magnets of 24,000 Gauss, and allegedly can generate 2,500 watts.

Today we discuss non-binary identities and a lot of stuff to do with them.

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However, Torbay's model has failed to be reproduced by independent investigators.

The generator uses a principle similar to the one of the magnetic trains, although in these the magnetism is generated in electrical form, whereas the one of Torbay uses the force of attraction of the magnet in rest, which is why the cost of energy "generation" is null. Does not show more than a very few revolutions each time.

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