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When the sp_updatestats job runs, if the targets of your specific UPDATE STATISTICS commands don't need updating, they'll be skipped. Don't run sp_updatestats on a schedule and just run UPDATE STATISTICS after specific events, such as right after large inserts, updates, or deletes. Rebuilding an index will cause SQL Server to recompute statistics, but reorganizing an index won't.

If you want to experiment with rebuilds, reorgs, and updating stats, or just view a query that shows you index fragmentation and the date/time of the last statistics update of each index, see the attached script. Why not just open sp_updatestats, copy the code, and tweak it to do whatever you want?

SQL Server's query optimization engine uses statistics on indexes to determine the most efficient execution plans.

By default, SQL Server automatically updates statistics, but sometimes the automatic processes don't update them soon enough, so there are multiple ways to force them to update to help keep your queries running as efficiently as possible.

Distribution statistics are used by SQL Server's Query Optimiser to determine a good execution plan for your SQL query.

You don't need to know about them to execute queries, but the better you understand them, the better you can optimise your queries and sort out performance problems. The SQL Server query optimizer uses distribution statistics when creating a query plan.

There were no maintenance tasks run of any kind run on the database since 2014 (e.g. Once we ran update statistics as part of our regularly scheduled maintenance that we do on a set schedule, the performance of some queries has taken a massive hit to the point where some select statements will seem to never finish.Generally, it's not uncommon for bad plans (or what would have been bad plans if stats were up-to-date) to become worse after an upgrade.Query and index tuning often addresses that problem.This allows the SQL Server 2005 query optimizer to produce good query plans consistently, while keeping development and administration costs low.If you need more control over statistics creation and update to get good query plans and manage the overhead of gathering statistics, you can use manual statistics creation and update capabilities.

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