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With David Pulkingham (guitar), Glenn Fukunaga (upright bass), and Dony Wynn (percussion) behind them Sunday, the couple harmonized on a tender duet of Plant's "In the Mood," Griffin's haunting song "Cold As It Gets," Los Lobos' "Angel Dance," and Zep's Hobbit anthem "Ramble On," among others.The mood was lighthearted due to Plant's wicked sense of humor.“Being a part of songs, cuts, and your record with you has fulfilled me creatively like nothing in the world,” Michigan native Hurd wrote on Instagram in November.The pair celebrated their first anniversary last month.4.

The EP’s success landed her a record deal with Columbia Nashville Records, where she went on to release Hero. Plucked from Birmingham, England, bar-band obscurity, Led Zeppelin started a blues band (The New Yardbirds), but then through the alchemy of Page / Plant / Bonham / Jones, imagined themselves to be Vikings in the "Immigrant Song" and then lived out that fantasy, both inspiring and pillaging America's rock 'n' roll youth, sacks of gold and fair maidens by the score, holed up at the Chateau Marmont shouting "I'm a golden God" while hanging naked off the hotel balcony.The '80s were a hangover — punk and post-punk ridiculed Zeppelin's propensity for pomposity, then came Bonzo's death by alcohol, Page's weird flirtations with the occult and washed-up British singers (Paul Rogers, David Coverdale?My wake-up call, whose voice remains ubiquitous in the ear holes of every Westerner, also exists as another passing face around town.Robert Plant walks among us, sometimes pushing a cart full of bottled water.

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Like other Austin musicians, they do what they can to support their friends.